About CoForma.

CoForma began in 2001 as we recognised that we could assist foreign businesses to establish in Brazil and navigate the local laws and regulations.

Do you really need a company?

The process of starting a company has become much easier and faster in recent years but as soon as you are considering employing staff or entering into contracts, or an import license or product registration be required, it´s probably the right time to establish the company and having someone to sign on your behalf may become essential.

Accounting and Book-keeping

Support with management reports, accounting, book-keeping, payroll, and human resources management can be provided by your accountant until you are ready to bring it in-house. A flexible and cost-effective solution for companies establishing in Brazil is offered on-site and remote book-keeping services is increasingly popular

Support ​and Compliance

The navigation of licensing requirements and due diligence, including product registration, becomes crucial. Getting expert advice early in the process is recommended to ensure that all legal obligations are met. Compliance with Brazilian labour laws and regulations is essential for your company in Brazil.

Your Identity in Brazil.

 We are especially experienced in this area and have been filing trademarks in Brazil for over twenty years more...


The Opportunity of  Brazil

São Paulo State alone has 50 million people and a thriving Commercial and Industrial sector. There hasn´t been a better time to invest in Brazil more...

Our Customers Come First

You can count on the dedication of each of the professionals that work with  CoForma .

About Our Services.

We welcome enquiries regarding the services that can be provided to meet your objectives in Brazil. 
Almost two decades of company formation, compliance and support for our clients to navigate the best path to success in Brazil.

Power of Attorney.

Understanding the necessity for a commercial address and authorized signatures for the company and foreign directors. .


Once the company is open, be aware that financial reports are filed monthly. Your accountant can assist you with this until you are ready to bring this work in-house.

Human Resources and Payroll.

Ensuring compliance with Brazil's labour laws can be complex. An accountant can offer the HR and payroll services, needed until you are ready to  employ directly. 

Import / Export.

A critical area to understand when adapting your business to Brazil. Identifying the best options for importing goods is essential. 

Local Representation.

Assistance with a wide range of services, including agreements and contracts.


The Brazilian tax system is famously complicated. Count on our professional expertise to ensure the best solutions.


On-site and remote Book-keeping is a solution for many companies establishing in Brazil. Efficient and reduces costs significantly until you are ready to employ your own accounting team.

Mergers Acquisitions Joint Ventures.

Perhaps the greatest opportunity in Brazil at this moment and due diligence has never been so important. We are also available to efficiently close a company.


​We do all the registration and public registration of your company.
Keep your company's status up to date with government institutions.
​Find out how by talking to us.

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